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National Scholarship Program

The National Scholarship Program (NSP) is the flagship initiative for the Appomense Charitable Trust. This project will fund opportunities and training for disadvantaged individuals in the West Africa (Ghana) to allow personal development, team work, leadership and open up further opportunities. The program is also focused upon creating a sense of responsibility both locally and globally and offering beneficiaries the tools to make a difference to their own lives, their community and impact upon global issues.


Our National Scholarship Program provide opportunities and training for underprivileged youth and adults in the regions where we work. Beneficiaries receive support and access to education, training and opportunities, aimed at creating long term improvements in their lives, their local community and their environment.


The project will fund scholarships for disadvantaged individuals in Wes Africa (Ghana) which will include training, qualifications and experience. Scholarships range from volunteering, work experience with socially responsible organisations and internships, both in Ghana and West Africa, often including formal qualifications as well as nonformal skills such as accountability, responsibility, teamwork and leadership. Beneficiaries will work as part of a dynamic, professional team, learning from experience.
Long-Term Impact

These scholarships will provide the opportunity for beneficiaries to learn about and directly contribute towards critical projects with long term sustainable goals. Within our community beneficiaries will learn about and work alongside truly inspirational people and contribute towards important achievements. These scholarships offer experience, training and qualifications and aim to offer beneficiaries the tools and confidence to change their own lives and their communities in the longer term.


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