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At Appomense Hope For Africa, we advocate to end violence against children and women. We combine our programs with efforts to encourage local and national leaders to prioritize the protection and well-being of children,women and youth.

Appomense Advocacy Focus: Ending All Forms of Violence Against Children

More than half of Africa’s children, up to 8 hundred thousand, endure violence every year. Violence comes in many forms ¬— including abuse, neglect and exploitation — and can be physical, sexual or emotional. Appomense Hope Africa is recognized as a leader in the fight against violence towards children. Learn more about our child protection efforts.

Our programs address a wide range of child protection issues, including combating the harmful practices of child labor; unnecessary institutionalization; violence in schools, homes and communities; corporal punishment; child marriage; and lack of birth registration, among others. Violence against children not only harms children, but it also undermines progress in other areas, including health, education and economic livelihoods.
We Advocate at All Levels — from Local to Global

Appomense Hope For Africa conducts advocacy through our national offices in the countries where we work, our local and international partner organizations, Ambassador in Maryland in the united State of America(USA) and our Verona-Italy Office.


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