Disaster Management

Our partners need us most when a disaster hits . That's why Appomense Hope For Africa launched an Emergency and Disaster Management Fund. The Fund lets us act immediately and effectively. We bring crucial resources–like food, water, medical care and shelter– directly to the women and families most in need.

Women are often hardest hit. That's because they have fewer resources to start with and often have no safety net. Women are also responsible for those made most vulnerable–children, the elderly and people who are ill or disabled.

But women need more than aid. Women at the community level must be allowed to lead in management efforts. When community women distribute emergency aid, it has the best chance of reaching those most in need. ‚Äč

That's why Appomense Hope For Africa support strengthens community women's efforts in times of crisis. By partnering directly with local women's groups, we're able to mobilize resources quickly and efficiently. We can carry out relief efforts in ways that respond to the priorities and perspectives of local communities.

Through out Appomense Emergency and Disaster Management Fund, we sustain and empower our sisters in Africa and help rebuild communities on a stronger foundation.

How We Work on Emergency and Disaster Management

To partner Organisations/groups to handle all aspects of disasters in Africa

To create awareness on disasters through intensive public education

To ensure disaster prevention, risk and vulnerability reduction, as a means of reducing the impact of disasters on society

To be in a position to provide the first line response in times of disaster

To assist in post-emergency rehabilitation and reconstruction effort

To assist and motivate community-based organizations to serve as the credible voluntary organizations to assist in the prevention and management of disasters at the local level

To set up monitoring and early warning systems to aid the identification of disasters in their formative stages, to disseminate timely information and warning, and hazard/disaster awareness creation

To promote laws that prevent and mitigate disasters


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