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Appomense Hope For Africa is a brain child non governmental esterblishement founded in 2012 by leading social advocates and philanthropist across the globe with it headquarters in Ghana,Appomense Hope For Africa has Cooperate and individual affiliations in Italy, USA,Canada, UK ,Germany,Switzerland, Sweden,Australia and Togo.A dedicated organisation with assisting the needy and empowering the under privilege as our hall mark chaired by astute social advocate,we aim at eradicating poverty to nil and bridging the gap between the poor and the rich with social education free for all,providing health and social care for the least privilege,providing education for the needy ,Infrastructural and social rehabilitation,disaster management and aid provision,Talent management & consultancy,Social Development ,Agriculture and Apprenticeship, internship & Volunteering, and women empowerment.As this  is not a single hand responsibility , AHFA accomplish this mission with sister partner organisations to arrive at its worthy course.Today, we are boastful of being on the road to achieve the prime aim of the organisationThis can be achieved with your little effort. Come and join hands with your donation,volunteering and others let push and win back the natural balance of equality and freedom for all which we believe is in deficit to many in the developing world and globally



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