TALENT MANAGEMENT : As our values call for the need to help the less fortunate, AHFA charges itself with tapping,managing and turn into a resourceful asset all unearth talent. This we do by organizing youth programmes such as football tournaments where talented young players are sieved by our volunteer professional scout, brilliant science and vocational skills where brilliant kids come up with challenging and fascinating scientific discoveries subjected to higher research and approval , art and exhibition fair where impressive arts works of magnificent standards are picked and displayed in museums and other gallery show room.Kids from deplorable settings need a chance to show and exhibit what they have in them.This is our duty of call as an institution and we are doing it but need that one single help from you. Come and volunteer, donate that paint board, the old used football and sporting equipment and let help realize the dream of that boy/girl out there struggling.

CONSULTANCY : Setting up a business and you don’t know what to do ? Want to set up a care home and you seem stuck, you have a legal issue and you have no money so thinking you have lost ? Come to AHFA and all your hopes will turn into reality. We give free consultation in all matters from A to Z at no fee.Our competent versatile team of expert across all fields are ready to help you in all matter at no fee. Why don’t you come and volunteer or donate to aid the expert to be able to help someone in need. Pick the phone and call.Ask for a call back and someone in our team will call you back