Social Development: is the first program in Appomense Hope For Africa to offer sponsors the opportunity to directly communicate with, and support people in a deprive community.

Every project supported by your donation as a sponsor is designed to deliver the greatest impact for the entire community. You will be supporting not just one, but all children within the community to tackle poverty in all its forms.

What’s more is that young people are the ones leading this change, It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a global community to change the world. Sponsoring a Global Community means that your donations will be used to deliver the greatest impact for the entire community.

Improving the life of communities improves children’s lives, so through community sponsorship you’ll make a bigger impact at tackling the root causes of poverty. Projects funded by sponsors like you will focus on four areas of community life:

WATER AND SANITATION Improving community health through clean water, toilets for schools and homes, and training in good hygiene practices.

EDUCATION Improving access to education for children by training teachers, improving school buildings and providing learning materials.

CHILD PROTECTION Building the voice and agency of children within the community, and strengthening the processes that protect them from violence and exploitation.

HEALTH, NUTRITION AND FOOD SECURITY Providing better access to medical care, education about nutrition, and training for families in agriculture and livestock management.